How “La La Land” Inspired This Blog

Let’s talk about “La La Land”…

Apart from being one of my favorite movies of all time, this movie did something very special for me. It combined old and new in a stunning homage to the Golden Age, pulled at every heart string, and basically made all of my modern vintage dreams come true.

The movie was so innovative because it presented completely modern characters and their entirely relevant struggles against a timeless and reminiscent backdrop. As a musician myself (an opera singer at that), I related so much to Mia and Sebastian’s journey to fight for their passions and save art that society says is “dying”. As an Old Hollywood enthusiast and lover of all things vintage, I saw everything that inspired me represented on the big screen in modern day and that, to me, was such a gift. I’ve felt connected to old movies and musicals since childhood but never thought that such a film would be made in my lifetime. Man, am I glad it was!

When I saw “La La Land” for the first time, I walked into the theater not knowing what to expect. I was beginning my last semester of my Bachelor’s, wrapping up grad school applications, trying to maintain a relationship (with my now-fiancé) while the prospect of moving abroad was on the horizon, and dealing with personal matters that made this one of the most difficult times of my life. My creative energy was depleted, simple pleasures were on the back-burner, and I hadn’t enjoyed an old film in a good long while.

“La La Land” left me awe-struck, nostalgic, and most of all, inspired. What Damien Chazelle proved to me was that time travel, or at least the closest thing you can get to it, was entirely possible in a way I’d always hoped for. One of the reasons that I love opera, music, movies, fashion, and books so much is exactly that. These mediums give you the chance to experience different time periods and ponder what it might have been like to live in them. The film, shot in cinemascope, did everything to honor and recreate the past while telling a fresh, original story. If we can’t actually travel back in time (yet) after all, at least we can make our worlds look and feel a lot like it; “La La Land” looked a lot like the world I’ve always wanted to live in.

Aside from the captivating cinematography and beautifully composed music, the costumes for this movie had me in love. I’ve always been old-fashioned and a little bit vintage but would feel out of place wearing a full on vintage ensemble. Emma Stone’s wardrobe in the movie was exactly my style: a modern girl in modern clothes with a vintage-inspired twist. A little wink to another era, if you will.

Since then, I’ve been curating my wardrobe and transitioning to what I call “timeless chic” or “modern vintage“, taking many notes from the movies and music I’ve always loved. I’ll dress a little bit 50’s while listening to the “Guys and Dolls” soundtrack because that’s what I like. And I’ll just as easily throw on my jean jacket and listen to The Cure if I’m feeling a bit 80’s that day. The beauty of living in this era is that you have so much inspiration to pick and choose from.

I’ve even got a very convincing dupe for the vibrant blue number that Emma Stone wears for “Someone In The Crowd” and I’m excited to share it with you all as one of the “night out” pieces in my 50’s capsule wardrobe! As for that 80’s capsule, stay tuned 😉

Now, tell me in the comments below who loved “La La Land” as much as I did and what did you love so much about it?


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