The capsule wardrobe has been a covetable object of fascination to me for quite some time now.

For about three years, I have been a passionate but admittedly passive minimalist. This is the year that this will change.

I finally successfully created my own capsule wardrobe to start the year with recently and must say I’m in love!

The formula I used to create this wardrobe came from Pinterest (thanks,!) and it is also the template I will be using to create a concise capsule wardrobe representative for each decade.

Each wardrobe will contain, roughly:

2 coats & 1 jacket

2 sweaters & 1 cardigan

8 tops or less

5 bottoms or less

at least 1 gorgeous dress

a select assortment of shoes and accessories

All items will come either from my own existing wardrobe or will be thrifted and re-donated or otherwise up-cycled.

I’ve already shared a preview of one item on my Instagram @thetimecapsulewardrobe so check it out! (hint: there may be polka dots)

In the coming weeks I will be researching 50’s era clothing and updating you all with the themed playlist I listen to while doing so. Get ready to groove 🙂


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