How “La La Land” Inspired This Blog

Let’s talk about “La La Land”…

Apart from being one of my favorite movies of all time, this movie did something very special for me. It combined old and new in a stunning homage to the Golden Age, pulled at every heart string, and basically made all of my modern vintage dreams come true.

The movie was so innovative because it presented completely modern characters and their entirely relevant struggles against a timeless and reminiscent backdrop. As a musician myself (an opera singer at that), I related so much to Mia and Sebastian’s journey to fight for their passions and save art that society says is “dying”. As an Old Hollywood enthusiast and lover of all things vintage, I saw everything that inspired me represented on the big screen in modern day and that, to me, was such a gift. I’ve felt connected to old movies and musicals since childhood but never thought that such a film would be made in my lifetime. Man, am I glad it was!

When I saw “La La Land” for the first time, I walked into the theater not knowing what to expect. I was beginning my last semester of my Bachelor’s, wrapping up grad school applications, trying to maintain a relationship (with my now-fiancΓ©) while the prospect of moving abroad was on the horizon, and dealing with personal matters that made this one of the most difficult times of my life. My creative energy was depleted, simple pleasures were on the back-burner, and I hadn’t enjoyed an old film in a good long while.

“La La Land” left me awe-struck, nostalgic, and most of all, inspired. What Damien Chazelle proved to me was that time travel, or at least the closest thing you can get to it, was entirely possible in a way I’d always hoped for. One of the reasons that I love opera, music, movies, fashion, and books so much is exactly that. These mediums give you the chance to experience different time periods and ponder what it might have been like to live in them. The film, shot in cinemascope, did everything to honor and recreate the past while telling a fresh, original story. If we can’t actually travel back in time (yet) after all, at least we can make our worlds look and feel a lot like it; “La La Land” looked a lot like the world I’ve always wanted to live in.

Aside from the captivating cinematography and beautifully composed music, the costumes for this movie had me in love. I’ve always been old-fashioned and a little bit vintage but would feel out of place wearing a full on vintage ensemble. Emma Stone’s wardrobe in the movie was exactly my style: a modern girl in modern clothes with a vintage-inspired twist. A little wink to another era, if you will.

Since then, I’ve been curating my wardrobe and transitioning to what I call “timeless chic” or “modern vintage“, taking many notes from the movies and music I’ve always loved. I’ll dress a little bit 50’s while listening to the “Guys and Dolls” soundtrack because that’s what I like. And I’ll just as easily throw on my jean jacket and listen to The Cure if I’m feeling a bit 80’s that day. The beauty of living in this era is that you have so much inspiration to pick and choose from.

I’ve even got a very convincing dupe for the vibrant blue number that Emma Stone wears for “Someone In The Crowd” and I’m excited to share it with you all as one of the “night out” pieces in my 50’s capsule wardrobe! As for that 80’s capsule, stay tuned πŸ˜‰

Now, tell me in the comments below who loved “La La Land” as much as I did and what did you love so much about it?

My Golden Rules of Shopping

How often do you shop?

I’ll admit, I love a good shopping day as much as the next girl, BUT I am trying to break myself of that.

For 2019, I had originally had the resolution of a “no-buy” year but then I had this whole “Time Capsule Wardrobe” idea, so I resolved to only buy a few things if I needed them for the sake of creativity.

But even before this, being a striving minimalist, I try to shop as little and as mindfully as possible, even following my own set of rules to keep myself on track.

Rule #1: Only buy with something specific in mind

Having a capsule wardrobe, I know what pieces are missing and what I already have. I also try to avoid having multiple items that serve the same function. But if I’ve been thinking for months “man, I really wish I had a cashmere sweater for a cozy basic”, then I will definitely do some research on decent brands and browse a few thrift stores. That being said…

Rule #2: Thrift First

My closet is about 90% thrifted or second-hand. Not only is thrifting a more sustainable way to shop, it’s so much more exciting and satisfying when you find that perfect piece you’ve been hunting for! It’s also much more affordable overall, you can still find your favorite brands (lots of my thrifted pieces are from Zara and J. Crew), AND you get better quality for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Rule #3: 30 and Below

With very few exceptions, the majority of items in my wardrobe cost me $30 or less. On a rare occasion, $40 will be the absolute limit (for something like a dress, blazer, or shoes), but anything over that is treated as a seriously thought out investment purchase. Before dropping over $40 on any item, I have to consider how long it will last me, if it fills a void in my wardrobe, and if I can find it cheaper somewhere else.

Rule #4: Avoid Fast Fashion, but…

If there’s something you’re eyeing and you know you can only find it in one place, it’s okay to allow yourself the occasional, once-in-a-blue purchase. Since my naive disposable income days, I have tried my best to stay out of fast fashion shops. However, if I see something that’s exactly my style that I know I won’t find elsewhere, I’ll scoop it up with the intension of loving it for a very long while. But not before…

Rule #5: The Rule of 3

As stated in Rule #3, if any item will run me more than $40, I will ask myself whether I can find it cheaper elsewhere. A similar rule goes for any fast fashion purchases. If there is anything I feel I need in my wardrobe, I will go to at least 3 thrift stores to find it before giving in to the convenience of fast fashion. If I make it through 3 thrift stores and try on every pair of jeans and none fit me the way a new pair would, or if I never find a decent pair of shoes my size (where my 9.5 ladies at?) or if I just can’t find a blouse with that perfect pattern I saw in a window, then I will give in to a new purchase after some consideration.

Rule #6: Timeless Over Trendy

The few items in my wardrobe that I did splurge on or that cost a little more than the rest are either basics that go with everything else or designs that fit my style as it’s been for years. Considering whether something will last you a long time isn’t just about assessing its quality, it’s also thinking about how long it will stay in style and how long you can see yourself wearing it. Ripped jeans for example are always a kicker for me. They’re a trend that I loved in high school but don’t really fit in with the clean look I now prefer. Once in a while I’ll see style bloggers sporting them with white t-shirts and leather jackets, looking super chic, and I have to remind myself that the look doesn’t really suit me but if I did want to try it, I would do so very thriftily by looking for the best deal possible. My Coach trench coat, however (which was graciously passed down by my momma), would have been well worth the investment if I found it in a shop. It fits well, goes with every item I have, lasted my mom about 8 years, and is in good enough shape to last me just as long if not longer.

In the new year, I will be doing more research on ways to shop sustainably and looking into buying from environmentally conscious brands, but these are the rules that I’m following along my way. A lifestyle is a process.

But there you have it folks! My golden rules of shopping.

I hope you find them helpful and I’d love to hear about your shopping or anti-shopping endeavors!

And if you have any sustainable shopping tips, feel free to pass them my way πŸ™‚

The 50’s Capsule

Happy Sunday guys and gals!

I hope your week has been as inspired as mine has.

This week has been full of brainstorming, researching, and shopping for the 50’s Capsule. I spent some time listening to awesome music, watching the best movies, surfing the web, browsing Pinterest, and speaking to a lovely primary source, my very own grandma.

What I was surprised to find about 50’s fashion was how many core trends are still fashionable today and how many I actually already had in my current capsule wardrobe (vintage little me).

The iconic 50’s staples I saw and learned about were:

The full or “swing” skirt – This was possibly the defining piece of the 50’s. Women of the era embraced femininity to the fullest and would could do that better than a flowing, flirty piece like this.

The pencil skirt – Though never to be worn by young girls, the pencil skirt gave a more seductive air to a woman’s look. Hugging curves in all the right places, this piece would create an hourglass shape which was sure to turn heads. Always in the best of taste, of course…

The cardigan – The cardigan was a valuable accessory that was used to complete a look and preserve modesty.

The button down – Whether plain white or popular gingham print, the button down was a versatile wardrobe staple to be worn with a swing skirt, a pencil skirt, or a crisp pair of pants. It was commonly buttoned all the way up for a clean-cut look or slightly un-buttoned for a more casual vibe.

The cinched waist – Skirts, dresses, and pants alike, almost every look of this era featured the waist as the main attraction, typically accented by a statement belt.

The slim, tapered pant – Who could forget the ankle skimming cigarette pant that, let’s face it, we all still live in today.

The detailed collar – Tops and blouses featured a variety of necklines and collars, like the Peter Pan collar, the halter, the crew neck, the boat neck, I could go on. This small detail would add a unique and fashionable touch to each ensemble and draw attention to the elegance of the neck. Short, silky scarves were also a trendy accessory.

The ballet flat – Simple and feminine, the ballet flat was a comfortable and stylish basic.

The kitten heel – While stilettos were all the rage, especially for a bombshell look, the kitten heel was a more demure way to achieve a polished look.

Stay tuned to see how I’ve embraced these trends with my fully modern pieces and how I’m crafting the 50’s Capsule Playlist. Here it is so far, enjoy!

My sources:

A simple @Pinterest search of “50’s fashion”

How I Built My Capsule Wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe has been a covetable object of fascination to me for quite some time now.

For about three years, I have been a passionate but admittedly passive minimalist. This is the year that this will change.

I finally successfully created my own capsule wardrobe to start the year with recently and must say I’m in love!

The formula I used to create this wardrobe came from Pinterest (thanks,!) and it is also the template I will be using to create a concise capsule wardrobe representative for each decade.

Each wardrobe will contain, roughly:

2 coats & 1 jacket

2 sweaters & 1 cardigan

8 tops or less

5 bottoms or less

at least 1 gorgeous dress

a select assortment of shoes and accessories

All items will come either from my own existing wardrobe or will be thrifted and re-donated or otherwise up-cycled.

I’ve already shared a preview of one item on my Instagram @thetimecapsulewardrobe so check it out! (hint: there may be polka dots)

In the coming weeks I will be researching 50’s era clothing and updating you all with the themed playlist I listen to while doing so. Get ready to groove πŸ™‚

The Journey Begins


Thanks for stopping by this blog & happy to have you here!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve always been nostalgic for another time, have had a profound longing for life to be as it once was, or have otherwise felt that you were born into the wrong era. 

You’re telling me! If you relate to any and all of the above, then this is the blog for you. 

I was inspired to create “The Time Capsule Wardrobe” based on my desire to recreate my favorite era, the 50s, and incorporate pieces of it into my everyday life. “Wouldn’t it be cool,” I thought, “if my wardrobe was full of pieces that made me feel like I was walking in my own little time bubble?”. 

But there’s a catch.

While I tend to shy away from most contemporary concepts, I like my modern fabrics and silhouettes as much as the next girl! I would want to feel comfortable and confident in my clothes rather than like I was trying too hard or wearing a costume

In the past year, I’ve also fallen in love with several bands that allude heavily to musical themes from other eras. Basically, I’m obsessed with anything that combines old with new. 

So, starting now, I will be on the hunt for wardrobe items that are reminiscent of the 50s but are still modern in their own right. I will also be putting together a corresponding playlist of the music that makes me say “Wow! This takes me back…”

Come travel through time with me!

“It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new.” β€” Tony Visconti

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